• Tech writing need not be boring. The following is a spin on old technologies for a national entertainment site: http://www.listosaur.com/science-a-technology/10-modern-technologies-that-quickly-became-obsolete.html
  • I have had the privilege of meeting people far smarter than I, and telling stories of their venture’s growth in Silicon Valley and in Silicon Prairie. I’ve also had the challenge of taking some of their leading-edge information and writing it in a way that someone who still thinks that birds are the only one’s that “tweet” will understand … Those stories to be transformed from an old-fashioned portfolio to an online one soon … Now that’s technology!
  • http://www.ftni.com/ftni/aboutNewsEventsHome/increasing_sales_to_large_firms_and_banks_prompts_ftni_expansion_of_headqua/

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