**Press Releases**

  • We all know the Olympic Games, but you’re probably less familiar with the Paralympic Games. In 2000, I had the opportunity to meet world-class athletes. These athletes were really in a class by themselves. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, after being paralyzed in car accidents, they went on to do great things–perform as athletes at a global level. I told their stories as part of the public relations department for the largest jpersonal injury insurance company in Australia, as the country was gearing up for the 2000 Games.
  • I’ve also represented corporations Stateside, including writing copy and content (and landing interviews with NPR, “Oprah and Friends” and other major outlets) as part of a PR campaign. The concept: like a reality show, ala “Biggest Loser,” except “Biggest Saver,” sponsored by a bank. The campaign earned a PRSA Paper Anvil honor … http://www.jonespr.net/JPR_FNBO_Case_Study.html
  • Also conducted research on complex, global phenomena within the payments industry and developed that into compelling print on behalf of global payments processor … http://www.jonespr.net/JPR_ACI_Case_Study.html
  • Writing was what I enjoyed most about my time in radio and television (working for organizations at every level–from small market TV stations to large global companies like Reuters). Scripts to come …

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