When not writing, I run. Sometimes I write about running. But I never write on a run.

I have worked in the news industry for more than a decade, most recently as a freelance reporter for, among many other outlets (both local and national), a regional business magazine and its sister publications, under the umbrella Midlands Business Journal Publications.

I develop multiple stories a day, ranging from small business and large corporate profiles to industry-wide trend stories. While at the publication, I have also taken on editing, copy writing and some job coaching duties for new reporters.

Before that, I worked in the television news industry. I have covered internationally-recognized stories for network affiliates in Montana; Flint, Michigan; central Nebraska and Omaha. My story on a teenager who ran away to be with a man she met on MySpace appeared on NBC’s Today. My reports on biodiesal and alternative energy sources were honored by the Michigan Farm Bureau, and a series of reports on an officer-involved shooting garnered Associated Press honors in Nebraska.

I also received my graduate degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. I earned my B.A. in political science and journalism from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL.

While still in school, I spent several months in London, working for Reuters. There I created scripts for the Middle East, Africa and Asia desk. As an undergraduate, I also worked in Sydney, Australia. I represented a team of Paralympic athletes who had been paralyzed as the result of car accidents for the 2000 Paralympic Games.

As you can see, besides writing, I am very passionate about traveling. I spent close to a year in Australia, traveling up and down the east coast. I also spent several weeks in New Zealand, and eventually had the chance to visit my “home in my past life”: Donegal, Ireland.

When I’m not planning the next big trip in my head, I love to go running, sketch large portraits of places I’ve visited (or would like to visit next), and enjoy writing creatively (prose).

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