Welcome, Readers!

6 Feb

I have returned!

How many times have bloggers said that? Well, good bloggers never have to say that (after all, the key to a good blog, like a lot of things in life, is consistency).

Anyway, this isn’t a blog but an online portfolio and it HAS taken me some time to pull everything together (that last post, for example, IS NOT from August 2010–try a year or so prior).

I want to make it easier for people to access my work. It’s never easy attempting to open three to five attachments. Hopefully, this arrangement will help.

A few things to be aware of (which I may remind visitors again from time to time, especially as the site morphs):

  • As you can imagine (or personally understand), over the course of a decade you can accumulate a lot of clips. Because my writing experience is so vast–from TV and radio to Web and PR to traditional print and magazine–I have featured the clips by category.
  • The categories I have featured here demonstrate not only my range, but those areas that I feel like I have particular experience as well as passion for … If you would like to see more writings in one category, let me know. Also, if you would like to see writings in a completely different category, let me know. Chances are, I’ve written in that area or beat.
  • Some of these clips are links to other sites. These sites include links to other businesses or media outlets. Other clips will directly take you to the PDF version of the story. In some cases, the story is in two parts or you may find the PDF version takes longer to load (some stories have substantial graphics). By “longer,” should only require a few extra blinks to open the document. Nothing major.

That’s it for now. I will be adding clips to “Hard News,” “Press Releases …,” “Blogs” and “Creative.” For the time being, check out the other categories (which in some cases can easily be added to other categories as well).

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