Recovering TV Reporter Returns to Her Print Roots

28 Aug

It’s in its early stages, but this site will soon be a collection of my writings. Most of my writing will be news-oriented, but I also have a collection of creative writing pieces.

For the past year, I have worked for a regional business magazine and I am also in the process of picking up some freelancing gigs. Before that, I worked in the television news industry for more than seven years. I missed having the ability to use my words to paint a picture or create a visual or scene. In television¬†the images and the audio had so much more power than the craft of writing. How many times have you “watched” the television, while talking on your cell phone, eating dinner and conquering Sudoku? We’ve all done it. It’s been a joy to return to the writing that I have always enjoyed so much.

Feeding the habit ... in style. On a dinner train.

This is more a portfolio-in-the-making, but you can visit my blog at If you have a $4 to $8 a day Starbucks habit, at least $20,000 in student loans, are the type of person who sees saving money as an exciting challenge or you are finally taking the leap to change careers and embrace what you really love to do, this might just be the site for you to check out. Now that is a run-on sentence!

I’d also appreciate any tips regarding online portfolios. This is new to me. I have a dog-eared, faux leather portfolio crammed full of yellowish news clips to prove it.

Calling all writers!

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